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1 John Vella Drive, Paget, QLD

CALL (07) 4998 5665

Mobile Digital Billboards

At Mackay Stickers and Signs, we pride ourselves in offering the best possible visual solutions for your business needs and continually look for new ways to help you maximise your visual impact.

This has led us to our latest investment – Mobile Digital Advertising Boards.


What is it? 

  • A full colour LED screen built on a portable trailer
  • At 2.88m x 1.6m and a pixel pitch rate of 6.7, it gives you a high quality, versatile space to promote your business on
  • The screen can be rotated at 360° and extended to a height of 2.3m for optimised viewing
  • It has ability to display video, full colour images and text 

How can it help my business?

Outdoor media has proven higher recognition and recall rates than most other media, even online. Digital Outdoor generates 50% more engagement than static formats, according to research from The Seed. Renting our screen(s) can help you to:

  • Create / enhance brand awareness
  • Efficiently deliver your message to passing audiences
  • Save money in comparison to other advertising formats
  • Cut through the clutter and motivate your audience to take action!

With fast installation, flexible rental periods (from as little as one week) and complimentary artwork creation* what have you got to lose?

digital billboards

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